Want to Know How to Pack the Perfect Box?

Want to Know How to Pack the Perfect Box?

Now how you pack a box mostly depends on what you plan to put in it. The size, shape, state and breakability of items will generally dictate how best to place things in a box so that they will be secure enough to move from one destination to another. In general though, normal people mostly use boxes for one thing: moving house. Moving house could refer to moving office or retail space, but most people are most indebted to the facilities of a box when they come to move house.

Here is an easy guide to tell you how to source and pack the perfect box so all your stuff stays safe and sound.


We have all been there: running around trying to get empty boxes from supermarkets and shops as you have already filled all your other carrying containers with your stuff. The best places get empty boxes are from large super markets. Asda for example allow you to call up and reserve a stack of boxes just for you which you can pick up in the morning. For them this is a great way of recycling without having to pay the costs of transporting all their empty boxes to recycling centres. If you don’t have a large supermarket, smaller ‘metro’ style shops should be able to appease your boxy tendencies.


Before you start, sort your items into heavy stuff and light stuff. You want to try and keep all your packing boxes about the same weight or you could end up destroying someone kind souls back muscles who has selflessly come to help you out. Take your boxes for moving and line their bottoms with bubble wrap if you have some. Next starting with your most unbreakable heavy item at the bottom, slowly add lighter and lighter items until the box is filled. Keep going until all your moving boxes are equally weighted and you have no heavy stuff on top of light stuff. For large items that don’t fit in regular boxes, consider wrapping them in bubble wrap or newspaper depending on how breakable they are.


Now all your packing boxes are safely filled with your junk. The only thing to worry about is making sure that you don’t put any heavy bottomed boxes on top of light topped boxes. Doing this could easily crush all your delicate possessions. Being careful and diligent should make sure all your stuff makes it to its destination safe and sound.

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