How to Properly Store Your Possessions When Moving

How to Properly Store Your Possessions When Moving

Storage is used for various purposes. One of these is to free up spaces in your house when you are about to sell it to make the place show better. The extra clutter may be excess furniture for the new home, old toys or souvenirs of your kids still hanging around though they’ve moved out of the house, items stored till when they will be needed or even some documents you need to keep.

Whatever the reason or purpose, getting the right storage unit is quite easy with our link to self-storage companies located in your area. In a matter of minutes, you’ll get all the information required (such as the available size storage, the cost that will be incurred etc.) so as to choose the company that best suits your need.

These are some of the things to consider when choosing a storage unit: the available size storage, rental cost, access hours, risk of damage from water, heat and insects and other things like the distance of the storage unit to the car or trunk and how secure it is.

Once you’ve decided on what you need and chosen a storage company, it’s important to plan on how best to arrange the items. Use the following guidelines for a memorable and hitch-free storage experience

o Arrange boxes such that labels are facing out. This is to enable you find items easily when they are needed.

o Make sure boxes containing delicate items are treated with great care and kept separately if possible.

o Ensure the stacks of boxes are not too high such that retrieving items become dangerous, difficult and a waste of time. The stacks should be such that all boxes can be reached easily and if possible without having to climb anything for support.

o Use durable and strong lock on the storage. This will ensure that your items are not tampered with and the locks don’t fall off.

o Collect the contact details of a staff of the storage facility in case you need any information or help with your belongings. Instructions on how to unpack your belongings can also be provided by the storage manager- he will be happy to be of help.

o Read the terms and agreement of the company and ask questions about parts that are not clear to you. This could save you a lot of trouble or embarrassment later.

o Know if there’s any access charge and other such charges

o If you are using the services of a professional mover, make sure all the boxes are clearly marked, preferably with a marker, before been dropped at the storage facility to avoid any confusion and mix-up. This will also help in tracing your boxes in case of any mishap.

o When dealing with professional storage facilities, do remember that they have a maximum storage limit of a certain pounds and often an access charge. Ask for information on the limit and the access charge.

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