The Importance of the Last 5 Days Before Moving

The Importance of the Last 5 Days Before Moving

You must have been working hard during the past few months. This means that you are planning for the “D-day?” You have only some weeks left and you need to make sure that everything is in place. This will make the move run smoothly. You can find suggestions below on how best to remain calm and enjoy the relocation of your home.

-Exhaust all perishables

During the last couple of weeks, you should have done your best to reduce the number of belongings that will also move with you.

A very good thing to do is to exhaust all food items. Make sure that you consume everything in the freezer so that it would be dry, clean and ready for packing. If you have dry food items, consume them too and store away the standbys of the cupboard. Perhaps, you can keep some meal which you can bite every now and then during the journey. The same thing can be said for cleansing products and toiletries.

-Pack bags and boxes

You should act like this is a weekend break or something. Therefore, you would need to change underwear, clothes, staple toiletries and normal comfort materials such as the blankets for the kids and so on. The box should contain the important things you would need for day one after your arrival. The things that should be found in there include:

-Tissue paper

-Varying electric bulbs


-Match sticks

-First aid

-Basic implements

-Some cash

-Think of where to store the valuable safely

A good thing to do is to consider what needs to be done with valuables such as familial heirlooms, vital documents and jewelry. Use a concertina for arranging information and purchase a box for storing these valuables. Ensure that the box is remains locked, most especially during the journey.

-Information and signs box

When relocating to the new domicile, it is highly recommended that you get some A4s with different signs on them. The signs include “Master Bedroom,” “Bedroom #1,” “Sitting Room” and etcetera. The signs should also tally what those on the boxes used in packing. Make sure you don’t jumble everything up because it might seem confusing to the removal crew.

The box should contain:

-Signs made from A4s

-Extra papers


-Cellulose tape

-A pair of scissors

-A ball of string

-Tapes for packing

The box is meant for only you and should remain in your care upon arrival at the new residence. Therefore, you should also keep the box inside your car when you travel.


You probably were not able to do your laundry during the time you spent in packing. Once you arrive at the new house, you need to do a lot of laundry. If you are taking the automatic washer along, make sure it is disconnected before the removal organization arrives. Bear in mind that water would still be inside it.

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