Some Important Tips When Moving Your Piano Or a Musical Instrument

Some Important Tips When Moving Your Piano Or a Musical Instrument

After buying an expensive piano, you don’t wish to discard it just like that, because it costs you a fortune. Be that as it may, when packing from an old apartment to a new one, moving the piano is a difficult task that needs lots of care and attention. Even after arriving at your destination, fixing it back takes professionalism in reaching that goal.

The author is an experienced professional that has handled and mastered the art of moving big, heavy and expensive pianos, artworks, antiques and other valuable musical instruments for two and a half decades. Even when moving pianos requires towing them from distances more than one hundred flights of stairs, the author has achieved such feats using cranes and similar heavy equipments.

Have you considered the best way to move your piano? The answer is simple; contact a professional and not a ‘jack of all trades’. There are specialists in the business. Such people re vested with the experience to fix your piano into the right crates. Don’t forget that pianos are exceptionally shaped so getting the perfect moving box for it is not a duty for inexperienced guys. Professional piano movers have updated insurance covers against any unforeseen damages to clients’ musical instruments. In case the ones you contacted cannot show you these insurance covers, avoid hiring them. Prevention is better than cure.

After you may have made a list of the professional users you intend using, contact each of them and let them explain to you how they intend to achieve the job after considering the terrain, road networks and any other possible risks that may be involved. Compare and contrast each potential mover’s idea and choose only the best after they should have convinced you of the safety of your valuables.

While selecting the moving company, inquire from each of them the length of time they have been in operation, how many successful moves they have made. Your piano is your valuable property that should not be entrusted to a mediocre posing as professional movers. If you are not in any way sure of their antecedents, visit the Better Business Bureau. They have several offices in Los Angeles and in all major cities in the United States. The Better Business Bureau is responsible for regulating the activities of these moving companies. They should be in a better position to offer valuable information about the Piano moving company that you want to enter contractual agreement with in respect of your piano or any other musical instrument.

Another very important point to note is the time each potential mover has offered to complete the job. This of course depends on the accessibility to the piano and what equipments could be needed to convey them in the shortest possible time. If the terrain is very complex, such as flight of stairs, or areas cranes cannot have access to, more than one day may be required for the move since more effort is needed here.

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