Extended Home Warranty – Is It Important To You?

Extended Home Warranty – Is It Important To You?

There are so many different opinions out there when it comes to extended home warranties. Quite honestly, most people don’t fully understand how they really work. But with a little research, you should have no trouble deciding if this service is right for you.

The first thing that you should understand is the fact that a home warranty is different from homeowners insurance. Home owners insurance covers things like damage done after a broken water pipe in your kitchen. Or if your home is damaged in a storm like from hail or a tree falling on your home. This type of insurance is mandatory for most all home owners unless you don’t have a mortgage and then it is your choice.

So what are some different things that are covered by a home warranty?

These types of programs and policies cover major appliances in your home like your refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher just to name a few. It also covers major systems in your home like your electrical system, plumbing, telephone wiring or heating and cooling system. Your HVAC system is the big one that most people are concerned with and most worried about, simply because it could be so expensive to repair or replace one of them.

What is one of the most common items to be repaired by home owners?

Without question, this would be issues with the plumbing. If you have ever owned a home, you know that having issues with your toilet is just a way of life. And yes, you can purchase a home warranty to cover these types of items, but do you really need it? The fact is, most issues with a toilet can be very inexpensive and easy to fix with the tools that most people have at home and a few part from your hardware store.

Make sure that if you do choose to have an extended home warranty, you should pay attention to the fine print. Understanding the fine print will help you negotiate with your company to get the most out of your warranty.

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