Pay or Play for Your Next Move?

Pay or Play for Your Next Move?

No matter how many times you have sighed with relief that a major move has been completed, sooner or later, you find yourself surrounded by cardboard boxes and packing tape again. Didn’t make an action plan last time, or didn’t save all of the detailed ‘accidental planning’ that went into your last move? Don’t despair. Try this simple method, and save yourself from a Moving Logistical nightmare:

If you are going to do this right on your own, then think about the following: Are you comfortable driving a big truck on busy highways and narrow streets? Do you live in a fairly small home and have a few strong, very good friends you can recruit to help you?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to both of these – get the boxes ready. You can do it alone, with clear markings on each box as to where it’s going to end up, and if your friends know to treat your belongings with care and attention.

Moving yourself is always a good option, and an economical one, since you’re not paying a mover to load, drive, and unload your stuff. It’s also the option that gives you the most control.

However, be aware of hidden costs, such as insurance for the rental truck (your auto policy probably doesn’t cover this, and neither will the credit card you rent the truck with), gas charges, and the rental or purchase of special equipment you’ll need, like dollies and quilted furniture covers.

If you are not comfortable with these details, swallow your pride and hire a professional: It is a “you pack; we drive” service that leaves you without the worry of these tiny details. You can always give direction, but remember that you hired these professionals for a reason, so let them do their job, and be the one with the plan and the keys, rather than a micro-manager – there’s probably one of the crew that has already taken that position!

Timing is ultra-important. Most conversations about a mover’s services aren’t about breakage, but about the time it took to complete the move. Be ready with your requirements in advance, and let your mover know what you want. If it is unreasonable, or simply ‘undoable’, give them the opportunity to tell you. there may be truck size, traffic condition, or road blockage situations that they are aware of, and you aren’t. Come to a decision that you both know can work, before starting the move – even last minute conditions should be communicated before you start of the day of the move: Have you heard something on the radio about road blockages? Do they know of a change in the weather? If everyone knows in advance, the stress level comes down to a manageable level before a single breakable starts it’s journey.

This is your first decision to make after you decide to make that move: Pay for the experience, or be in charge yourself, and be responsible for more than you are probably planning for right now.

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