How to Pack For the Big Move

How to Pack For the Big Move

It’s a buyer’s market out there, so lots of moving is going on. You saved carefully, and were able to get more home than you ever dreamed possible for the money you have available, but you still have to move in, and that hasn’t gone down in price at all. No do it yourself.


Preparing your furniture and belongings for the big move is the hardest part, when you need it all to make it to your destination in one piece or with all its parts. Here are a few tips to make it easier to beat the horrendous expense of professional movers:


·         Take all beds apart, and tape the frames together with packing tape. If the are headboards, foot boards and hardware that goes with them, bag the hardware, label it, and attach the bag to the frame it goes with. If you have friends or helpers at the destination to help you unload, make sure you tape a destination room on every piece.

·         Dressers and chests can be packed with small breakables, but surround them with loose clothing to protect them. Wrap the dresser with a moving pad and tape it securely so that drawers do not fall out when being moved.

·         Buy a few used cardboard wardrobe containers and hang everything from your closets in an easy way to move your clothing. Just hang them up in the new home when you get there!

·         Use dish packs and glass packs. Plates must be stacked on end, with paper between. Keep them together and mark your boxes.

·         Fine furniture should be wrapped in bubble wrap and taped.

·         Mirrors and paintings require mirror boxes. Wrap in corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap first, then box and tape. Store standing on edge.

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