How to Create an Effective Checklist for Moving Home

How to Create an Effective Checklist for Moving Home

Moving home is noted as one of the most stressful situations in our lives. There’s so much to plan and organise that the whole process can feel like an overwhelming nightmare. However, it needn’t be the nightmare it can turn in to. With a little bit of planning and careful consideration you can prepare yourself for a smooth, stress-free move. To effectively plan, you need a checklist, which is why this article shows you how to create a checklist that works.

First, write down everything you need to do

Before you can even think about organising your checklist you actually need to create one. The only way to do this is to write down everything you need to do between right now and your move. Take some time when you’re doing this, as the last thing you want is to leave out important tasks. Once you think you’ve written everything down, leave your list and come back to it in a few days. This gives you some thinking time to consider anything else that should be on the list which isn’t.

Secondly, prioritise your list

Now that you’ve got your checklist tasks all together you need to prioritise these tasks. Start by grouping together all of the tasks that will take the longest to organise. Then, group together tasks that need to be done well in advance, such as booking a removal company or letting utilities companies know about your move. Once you’ve grouped these, you’ll be left with tasks that you can do nearer the date of your move, such as packing up your essential items.

Lastly, plan when you’re going to do each task

Now that you’ve got your checklist together and prioritised your tasks, you need to decide when you’re going to carry out each task. Hopefully, you’re reading this with a good month or two to go until you move.

Break your checklist down into monthly and weekly tasks by setting dates for completing each item on the list. On-going things, such as packing up your items, should be broken down into weekly sections with monthly targets. Other things, such as contacting a removal company should be given a specific date so you can phone in advance and don’t forget. Once you’ve got your checklist organised into weekly and monthly tasks you’ll feel the weight lift off of your shoulders.

That should help your move

Planning and organising are an absolute must when you’re moving home, and a checklist can help you keep on top of it all. It can be too easy to forget tasks if we don’t write them down so compile a checklist and watch your stress-free move unfold.

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