Floor Cleaning Services: Refinishing Linoleum and VCT Floors Enhances Appearance and Longevity

Floor Cleaning Services: Refinishing Linoleum and VCT Floors Enhances Appearance and Longevity

Durability and longevity are two of the most important factors when it comes to floors for commercial and high-traffic spaces. That’s precisely why linoleum and VCT (vinyl composition tile) flooring is so popular in schools, office buildings, commercial properties, and everywhere else floors need to be able to stand up to daily use and abuse. However, despite their sturdy construction and long-lasting attractiveness, VCT and linoleum floors need to be maintained properly to keep performing and looking their best for years and years.

Over time, VCT and linoleum can develop scratches, dings, and even yellowing in their protective wax coating. But unlike other flooring materials like laminate or carpet that have to be replaced when they start to show their age, linoleum and VCT can be refinished through a process of stripping, waxing, and buffing.

Linoleum and VCT floors are typically covered in several layers of wax. This creates a wear coat that’s subjected to the scratching, scrubbing, and rough treatment of heavy traffic. It’s when these wax layers begin to deteriorate that you need to have your floors stripped and refinished. Keep in mind that re-waxing your floors is about more than just superficial looks; because the wax protects your floors, it can help them last longer and look better over the course of their entire life span. By having your floors refinished, you can keep them in top condition for longer.

VCT and linoleum refinishing is a relatively straightforward process, but because it requires special tools and chemicals, it’s best to have your office cleaning service tackle the job rather than trying to take it on yourself. First, a chemical stripping agent and floor scrubber will be used to remove all of the old wax and floor sealer, if applicable. Once all of the wax has been eliminated, several coats of fresh new wax will be evenly applied across the entire floor. The wax is then buffed to a gleaming, sparkling luster.

Today, most flooring tiles referred to as “linoleum” are actually synthetic VCT tiles composed of a vinyl material. True linoleum, made primarily from natural substances such as linseed oil, is found less often. To preserve the best appearance of your flooring, make sure your cleaning service knows whether the floor is actually linoleum or VCT. Some floor strippers can irreparably damage real linoleum, so it’s important that your janitorial service understand which products should be used for your flooring.

Oftentimes, the wax on your floors can slowly yellow as it ages, making your flooring look dingier than it really is. With the old wax removed and a smooth, clear new layer of wax applied to your linoleum or VCT floors, you’ll be amazed at how clean and fresh they’ll look. Buffed to a shine by your professional cleaning service, your newly refinished floors are ready to go on helping your commercial space look great for years to come.

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