Helpful Tips in Packing For a Move

Helpful Tips in Packing For a Move

At first thought, packing your belongings prior to a move seems an easy task to perform. Yet packing stuffs are indeed tedious and difficult especially when you have no proper tools and materials or when you have no idea where to start. Knowing which materials are appropriate and which aren’t will be helpful not only to make your packing organized but will also ensure the good condition of your stuffs.

Packing your things is one of the most vital steps before moving and mind you it is not just plain packing. You need to do it properly and correctly unless you want to reach your new place with most of your stuffs damaged. Here are some helpful packing tips.

Before proceeding with the packing, gather first all the necessary materials such as cartons and boxes, writing gears (pen, pencil, marker), packing protection (corrugated pieces of cardboard, bubble wrap, old newspaper, tissue paper), tape dispenser with packaging tape, cutter, scissors and tape measure. If you want, there are also available packing kits from online stores which include all necessary tools in packing so you won’t have to search for all these items individually.

If you happened to have kept old boxes either from your previous purchases or ones that were given to you from your family or friends, you can use these for packing clothes that would not fit in your luggage. However new or special boxes are needed for packing heavier and more fragile stuffs such as kitchenware and dishes. If you are thinking of buying boxes from the food store, consider first that there are chances of insect and cockroach eggs being hidden in the carton of the boxes and you might be carrying all these to your new place as well.

Do your packing on a per room basis so your unpacking would also be easier. Label and color code the boxes so you know which contents belong to a particular room. Label too if the contents of the box are fragile or not. Maximize the space of the carton by using towels, blankets or rugs as filling material to hold the other materials in place. Just make sure that before these improvised filling materials are used, they are clean and washed.

If possible, use same size of boxes so that it will be easier to move, stack and transport them. There should also be a limit to the weight you pack in each box. A general rule in carton sizes is that the heavier your stuff is, the smaller that the carton should be. Keep the weight of each box at about 50 pounds or less. Secure the tops and bottoms of the boxes by placing lots of packaging tapes to ensure that the boxes can hold all its contents.

Place the heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. All things have to be wiped or washed clean before you pack them. Use original boxes of computers and electronic and electrical appliances when available. Otherwise use new boxes with corrugated cartons and protective padding at the bottom.

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