Average Babysitter Rate – A Guide For Both Parents and Babysitters

Average Babysitter Rate – A Guide For Both Parents and Babysitters

If you want to know how much you will have to pay a babysitter in case you need to hire one, you can always refer to the net. The average babysitter rate is not hard to determine since some have already compiled the available data for you.

For 2009, the estimated average wages of a babysitter is around $10-$11 per hour. Still, if factors such as the age and experience of the babysitter, the location, the number of children to be cared for and the time of day to be spent are to be considered, the rate can range from $5 up to $18 or even more.

1. Your Location

Naturally you will prefer babysitters who are from the same area where you live. Hence, if you both live in a major city, you basically have the same costs of living expenses. It follows then that the prevailing average babysitter rate in a major city is higher that those in smaller metropolitan areas or towns.

A preference for an older babysitter would also mean a consideration of the babysitter’s experience, although this doesn’t always follow. In fact, the experience factor will have more bearing than the age factor.

This is particularly important if the child to be cared for is a baby or a toddler less than three years old. The services of a more experienced babysitter will be more suitable but the average babysitter rate will border on the higher end of the compensation range.

2. The Time of Day

The average babysitter rate in this particular aspect can be a grey area in some cases. The regular babysitting-hours are said to be between 8:00am and 10:00pm. Accordingly, some parents contend that night time rates especially if to commence when the children are already sleeping should be less than the hourly rate applicable to daytime.

There is more work involved during the day when the children are awake and are supposed to be more demanding. The need for a nighttime babysitter is more focused on having a mature and experienced person, left in charge of the kids in case of emergency situations.

3. The Use of a Babysitting Rate Calculator

Since the matter of average babysitter rate will serve only as a base point for the babysitter’s remuneration, you will find a babysitting rate calculator handy in order to compute for the nearest and most ideal amount. This information can either be used as basis to pay for the sitter or for a babysitter’s use as the amount she will charge for her services.

Below are examples of how much the calculator will arrive at for three case scenarios with basically the same requirements but will differ only with the location.

The parents would like an adult babysitter with 2 to 4 years experience to baby-sit their child who is under three years of age, from late night up to early morning when she will do some cooking and cleaning. How much will be the average babysitter rate be if the household is located in a:

a. Town – Suggested rate is $14 per hour. b. Small City – Suggested rate is $15 per hour.c. Major City – Suggested rate is $16 per hour.

Knowing the average babysitter rate is a guide to both parents and babysitters. This can help both parties determine what is expected from both of them, once they start with their employer-employee relationship.

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