Extended Home Warranty – Why You Need It

Extended Home Warranty – Why You Need It

Normally when you buy a home, whether it is newly build or an existing one, you need some sort of warranty on that home to cover things such as unexpected breakdowns. Most of the time you can buy an extended warranty along with the warranty you already have to give you extra coverage for a year or two. Almost all the existing warranties you can get have some kind of clause to inform you exactly what that policy will cover or not, for example the repair or replacement of some electrical components or plumbing, depending on the fault as long it is not due to everyday wear and tear. If it is possible, it will be a wise move if you can get your hands on an extended home warranty because you can never say when something will start to breaking.

Normally the breakdown period start just before or just after your warranty expires. It is truly worth the money if you can afford it, especially when situations occur where you have serious breakdowns, as you now are able to pick up your phone and ask for help from your warranty company.

It is important to make sure of some things before you decide to buy a specific home warranty. Remember you have the right to check into such a company’s customer complaint history to see about what they did complain about to get some sort of profile about the company itself.

You will be amazed to see the piles of complaints filed against such companies when you really start checking. Read and re-read every clause in the warranty carefully and make sure you understand each word, because damages can cripple you when it is serious and you have no coverage on that.

Also, make sure you read and understand the small print on your warranty, because sometime the catch lies in the small print. Not many people read the small print on documents carefully.

Do not buy the first extended home warranty that cross your path and rather do a good job by doing research such as reading, phoning, ask questions and advice, and then make your choice according to what amount you can afford to pay. It is always better to avoid situations where you can be disappointed, as in under-coverage or no cover in case of major disasters and damages.

With the excellent technology of today, it is also possible to do some research online if you do not prefer to do it in person. The only benefit in such a case is that you can take your time to decide which warranty will suit you the best in the comfort of your home and with no salespersons around you.

Let us face it, home warranties are not cheap but it is worth the peace of mind you get by knowing if something happens; you can face it because you are covered. Yes, you may find a better option for an extended home warranty online but you will not be able to ask all the questions you might have about the different home warranties.

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