Fake Moving Deals and Effective Ways of Getting Out of It

Fake Moving Deals and Effective Ways of Getting Out of It

Sometimes, you can find your self entangled with a scam moving company. Your initial reaction may be that of anger and disdain but these would not solve your current problem. The problem may be that your belongings had been held hostage by the moving company. This may be as a result of extra fees they will be demanding from you to offset some unforeseen bills after you had been given a lower quotation and paid an agreed initial deposit.

This extra amount being demanded by these kind of moving companies can amount to several thousands of dollars and they are usually ready to keep your stuff till you come up with the extra fees they are demanding. If you find your self in this kind of situation, there is a way to properly handle it.

The Way Out

The first you should realize if any moving company is holding your belongings hostage due to some fees that didn’t appear in your initial contract, is that you have some basic rights you can evoke. Most of the crook moving companies get away with this kind of behavior because the clients allow them or does not know how best to handle the situation. The fear of possibly losing their cherished stuff is what propels many clients to pay these ‘ransom’ even when they distinctly know that they shouldn’t have. You can still recover your belongings without paying these extra fees.

Some of the scam moving companies will not pick your calls again after they notify you of the extra thousands of dollars you should pay before they deliver you belongings. Even when they pick the calls, you may be treated like mere garbage on the phone and when they promise any new delivery date, they won’t honor it till you pay up. But wit, there is something you can do right away.

1. Keep every detail of all that has transpired and is transpiring between you and the scam moving company. Properly write down the pick up date, promised delivery date, amount initially agreed and the deposit paid.

2. Ensure that you document all mail exchanges both emails and snail mails and properly record all phone conversations. Remember whom you speak with and what you discuss with the person.

Getting these documented will help you a lot in legally getting the scam moving company to release your belongings, sometimes with attaining apologies. You will need all the detail and the scammer should not escape justice if you do not fail to prove these evidences of breach.


The fact that you had initial agreement with the moving company which you kept to is enough legal safety for you. The scam moving company may still be holding your stuff hostage and keeping the initial deposit you earlier made but you should know that if you had properly documented these happenings, you should be able to get appropriate reprieve. The first necessary step s for you to document all that is transpiring between you and the moving company.

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