Easy Steps For Moving Day

Easy Steps For Moving Day

It’s what you’ve planned and worked for and now it is here. It’s eagerly anticipated or painfully dreaded but like it or not – it’s moving day! How do you get through it? Be organized and get lots of sleep the night before.

When you awake, make sure the kids go to the babysitters or friends/neighbors and the pooches to the doggy daycare or kennel, so you can focus on the move. Have snacks and water to keep up your energy and stay hydrated. It’s a good idea to have cold drinks for the movers as well.

Morning Tasks:

Check all of the rooms and make sure everything has been packed and labeled – especially with the room it should go to in the new home.

Make sure the boxes are to the side to make easy access for the movers.

Place your ‘open me first’ boxes, your overnight luggage and personal items in your car away from the moving frenzy, so you know where they are at all times.

Keep the driveway clear, obtain the elevator key if you’re in an apartment and that there is access for the van to park.

Make sure you have payment for the movers prearranged (cash, check, credit card) and ready for the completion of the move.

The Movers Are Here:

Fill out the paperwork.

They will start an inventory list as your items are loaded onto the truck.

Give the movers access to cold drinks and/or snacks when they take a break or are waiting for you to finish paperwork.

Give the movers your cellular phone # and get theirs in case you become separated or one of you gets lost.

Bye, Bye old Home:

Look through the home and make sure everything has been collected.

Throw out any garbage and give it the once over if there is dirt left on the floor.

Turn off the water to the washing machine, turn down temperature control, turn off all lights, close all windows and lock up.

Leave the keys in a prearranged location.

Say bye to the neighbors.

You have Arrived:

Gain entry and make sure the movers have access (have elevator pre-booked, if in an apartment).

Coordinate box/article drops – ensure they go to the proper room.

Use room layouts to identify where large articles will go, so they don’t have to be moved again.

Check Inventory with Movers, sign and move part is finished.

You’re in your new Home:

Bring in/unpack your ‘open me first’ boxes from your car.

Unpack the kitchen and kids’ rooms enough to use for the night.

Pick up Kids / Pooches & Pets.

Arrange for dinner for all! Let’s celebrate your successful move!

Welcome to your new Home!! Enjoy!!

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