Decluttering Your Living Space

Decluttering Your Living Space

It is a wonderful feeling to be in a home that is clean and organised. With spring just around the corner, decluttering is something that many people are starting to think about. Depending on how much clutter you have accumulated, it may take several cleaning “purges” to rid your home of what you don’t need. Here are three tips on how to declutter your home.

#1) Pick the messiest and most cluttered area in the house (such as a computer area or playroom), and start going through all items to determine what can be sold, donated, or thrown away. This may take a while, so go easy on yourself if you can’t do it all at once. Make sure you keep three bags on hand for your recycling, donations, and garbage. If you have trouble letting go of things, then I suggest inviting a non-bias cleaning buddy to help you out. That way you can maximize your decluttering, and you’ll have some company while you’re at it.

#2) It is wise to invest in a filing cabinet of some sort, since paper is a major source of clutter. When you have your all your paper work sorted out you’ll feel much better, and your house will look better too. If your main source of clutter is kids toys (and all parents will understand this), then it is best to let go of what you don’t need. Talk to your child about the concept of giving. Then you can help your child find something that they aren’t using- something that another child could put to use. It’s a great way to introduce the idea of giving to your child, while letting go of what you don’t use. The same goes for yourself. Whatever you don’t use or haven’t used in more than 6 months should be re-evaluated. Chances are if you haven’t used it in over 6 months, you probably won’t be using it again.

#3) Have a yard sale. This is a great way to earn some extra cash while getting rid of what you don’t use. It can be very useful right before moving house as well. By the end of the yard sale you will be able to determine what to donate, or throw away. Yard sales are a great way of sorting out the clutter, and you can make some money too.

Everyone has their own way of cleaning, but these tips should give you a great start to organizing your home. Don’t forget to enjoy your decluttering!

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