5 Tips When Conducting a Baby Sitter Background Check

5 Tips When Conducting a Baby Sitter Background Check

Background record checks are becoming more popular nowadays. When evaluating the babysitter, you should keep an open but rational mindset. More and more people are searching for jobs as babysitters and nannies in today’s failing economy. Most of these people don’t have experience to handle your child. While hiring a babysitter, few things you have to be considered.

How to check

1. Use a good reputed babysitter agency to ensure that sitters have some experience and can handle with emergency situations. Avoid craigslist, newspaper and online ads because screening is minimal in these cases.

2. Emphasize the things that you would not compromise and clearly state the minimum qualification required. Explain what is your expectation of the babysitter and the responsibility of the position.

3. After choosing a better candidate, don’t forget to go for babysitter background check. Use a formal way, so that it is possible for you to obtain all relevant information of that person such as name, address, past experience, family background details etc.

4. Don’t fully relay on the private investigators or agencies, you should try to do the background check yourself. This can be done by using the background check websites. All you need is the person’s first and last name, in order to obtain his/her criminal records. They maintain millions of public and police information on databases to provide instant reports.

5. After the background check is completed (no arrests, DUI, sex offence, felonies, driver’s license suspension etc) put the selected candidate under a trial period. Learn each and everything about the person you will allow in your home.

Criminal record trace

Ask your babysitter for her/his address, date of birth and security number details. You may now hire a firm to conduct the background check. They can provide a security trace which will list the previous and the current addresses for you to cross check.

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