Babysitting Activities That Energize Young Imaginations

Babysitting Activities That Energize Young Imaginations

We’re all familiar with the usual babysitting games–Simon Says, hide and go seek, I Spy, etc–and although such activities are great fun, they are not necessarily challenging for a child’s brain. If the primary goal as a sitter is to just pass time till the children’s parents come home, this may be okay. But if you are most engaged in helping to enrich these kids’ lives, you may want to consider games that promote the imagination and help them progress in positive ways. Below are just just a few games that can help you to do this.

Scavenger hunt: Playing scavenger hunt is undoubtedly one of those common babysitting games that have been in existence for as long as anyone can remember, but it definitely is among the more creative and stimulating games. Make the scavenger hunt so it demands resourceful thinking. As an example, as opposed to including things like “white shirt” or “leaf,” use slightly more demanding items like “a thing the cat likes” or “yellow item that makes a sound.”

Storytelling activities: It doesn’t matter just how you go about it, yet it’s usually a great strategy to engage in babysitter games that inspire kids to work with their creativeness. Among the best ideas is to play an activity that has the kids make up a story. Maybe you could try putting on a puppet tv show, or perhaps you could encourage them to compose illustrated picture books for their parents. Any old notepad will do for this.

Art activities: Children are used to things like painting and drawing pictures, and they appreciate to learn fresh methods to create artwork. For example, you can use scissors and old newspapers to construct collages, or you could show them how to make a comic book. If you simply instruct children how to do things like this, youngsters often produce some extremely inventive artworks, and they will probably continue enjoying such creative things even when you’re gone.

Form a rock group: As any good elementary school music teacher will tell you, any item can be a musical instrument. Instruct the children to find instruments (and of course, if they happy to have actual instruments, that is awesome) and create a babysitting game out of making up music. Even if you are not really a music person yourself, most kids like to make noise, and this is actually the perfect chance for them to begin learning about how to play music. Of course, does not need to be Mozart, but one never knows. Perhaps they will show a talent for it.

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