What You Must Know About Inter-State Moving

What You Must Know About Inter-State Moving

For those planning a move from one state to another, there are primary differences between moving a few kilometers to moving across borders. Obviously, more issues are involved here, planning, cost, time and so many other factors work here. Passing your special belongings across borders needs a lot of paperwork, clearance, and other licenses have to be acquired. The laws of the new state have to be carefully studied too. So inter-state moving is a difficult task to embark on, but you must still make it anyway.

The cardinal thing to thrash out when moving across states is making the right choice of a moving company. So many moving companies claim to have the ability to move across borders with large vans or trucks, take pain to verify these claims. Check their fleet, and also find out from people if they can carry out the services they advertise.

Licensing is also very crucial here. Confirm if the company is registered with DOT (Department of Transportation). DOT offices are available in Los Angeles and most cities across the United States. Be very vigilant here, issues concerning Inter-state moving companies are very disparate with local moving companies. Ask them for the copies of their pricing lists, tariffs, additional charges, arbitration or conflict settling procedures etc. study these documents, compare, contrast and crosscheck with other moving companies available.

If you are having any doubts, seek for more information from the Better Business Bureau. it is the regulatory body coordinating the activities of moving companies. Watch out for issues like scams, missing goods, perpetual lateness of delivery, damaging peoples articles, unfriendly or unprofessional staff just to mention a few. You can also use the bureau as your yellow pages to find out which companies have had the fewest complaints recorded against them this could be your ideal partner to move your things.

If you are a novice in using moving companies, try to obtain a pamphlet called ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities when You Move’. From any of the moving companies you have chosen. This document highlights how answerable the company will be when certain contending issues like damage or loss of property crops up. Before appending your signatures on any contract paper, get this pamphlet from at least two or three companies and compare their degree of responsiveness, pricing and any other matter of interest to you. Don’t conclude your findings without taking record of the names of responsible staff of each moving company you contacted, including their phone numbers. These numbers could help you in case of emergency.

If these salient points are followed religiously, you would have avoided falling victim to any scams that are regular with moving companies. Bear in mind that moving agents owe you great responsibility to take care of your goods and honor their own terms of the contract while you are at liberty to file for claims if such situations arise. Be as wise as serpent in this set up, don’t be entangled in their business web.

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