Top 5 Reasons People Move

Top 5 Reasons People Move

We all dream of moving into a home and being able to stay in the same place for years, if not all of our adult lives. Visions of raising our children at the same address, planting a garden, doing home projects, decorating for the holidays, and watching our families grow up are at the base of our culture and part of the American dream.

If you are considering a move, you’re not alone. Nearly 15% of the US population moves every year. Here are the top 5 reasons that might mean it’s time to make a call to your local real estate agent:

Needing More Space – Let’s face it. We get new things all the time. As family needs grow and change, we may need more space than our current home can provide. Many homes are designed with a lot of wasted space, so moving to a newer, more efficient home will help you make the most of what you’ve got, and may even leave room for the changes you may face over the next few years.

Getting Married – If you’re planning on getting married, one or both of you will need to change your address. Although moves are known to be stressful, relocating because of such a happy occasion usually raises adrenalin levels, excitement, and feelings of contentedness. Moving because of marriage should be a relatively low stress occasion.

A New Baby – If you’re expanding your family, sometimes there’s not enough room to live comfortably when the bundle of joy arrives. Moving into a new home with more space will help accommodate your new family member and will keep your family busy until the big day. When you move to a new place, you can look forward to decorating the baby’s nursery, and as the child grows, the nursery can grow and adapt into a bedroom or playroom.

A New Career – If you’ve recently landed a new job, especially if you’ve transferred to another city or state, you’re obviously going to have to move. Being closer to work will save you money over the long run in terms of fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle, or other transportation costs so you can make the most of your new salary.

Retirement – As you enter your golden years, there are numerous things to take into consideration. You may not need the space for your children, as you once did. If you’ve tucked away a nice nest egg, your golden years are often a time of reward and leisure. A smaller space, somewhere warm and tropical, may be just the ticket. Many retirement communities or condo associations have all expenses included rental agreements, and even provide help for those with limited mobility.

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