Tips for Moving Day

Tips for Moving Day

When moving into your new home, it is better to plan ahead early to ensure that it is a smooth process. This is no doubt an exciting time, but can involve a great deal of stress and anxiety during the whole process, from planning to moving. With a few careful considerations your moving process can be an easy one, without many difficulties involved.

First off you’ll need to plan your mode of transportation for your moving day. If you are renting a moving truck, shop around between companies for the best rate available. You’d be best to book two to three months in advance if planning to rent a truck, or hire a moving company. If you do plan to rent or hire, keep in mind that weekends, especially holiday weekends, are the busiest times for these companies and reservations on these days can’t be left to the last minute.

It’s possible to save a few dollars if you have, or know someone who has a large enough truck or van to help you out on your moving day. This is the time to call in the favor from the old friend, or to phone up your brother-in-law to get behind the wheel of his cube van. This can be your best option, both time-wise and money-wise, because you will avoid any fixed costs and fees associated with professional companies, and you’ll also have the freedom of not having to rush your move to meet any return deadlines. In this scenario, your fee is the gas in your brother-in-law’s tank, or however else you choose to show your appreciation.

The packing process should ideally begin at least two months before your scheduled moving day. This timeframe is tentative, as many people will require much less time and others much more. You’ll first want to get rid of any items that you don’t wish to bring with you by either giving them away, selling them, or throwing them out. This is also a good time to secure moving supplies like boxes, bubble-wrap, tape, newspaper, and markers.

In the final week or two before embarking on your move, you’ll want to confirm any reservations with moving companies if you’ve made any. To save yourself time and any potential hang-ups, pack everything that you can far ahead of time. You can obviously leave out any items like furniture that you will be using daily, but everything else like linens and patio furniture should be ready to go. The last step is to move into your new home.

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