Three Tips To Sell Your Home

Three Tips To Sell Your Home

Selling your home is a life changing event. It affects you physically, financially and emotionally. It can be overwhelming and cause enormous stress to you and your family. A little preparation can go a long way in reducing tension. Like all life goals a plan is needed to be able to direct you efforts and to measure your progress. The thought of standing in the middle of a life time of possessions can be overwhelming, Where to Start? Before you find a realtor, before you ask the neighbors advise, before anything you:

START PACKING Go to a home improvement store or moving center and get boxes and supplies. This is the first step not the last in you moving adventure. Remember your goal is to sell and move. So before you even show your house to the Realtor, box it up, pack it up and remove all but enough furniture to define the space. This includes window treatments and wall d?�cor. Over time we acquire things and add them to our personal space. Like layers of paint they build up over time.. When selling, your goal is to allow the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home. You don’t want to distract them with your personal possessions. Go through the house once again and remove and pack away even more. You should now clearly see the corners of the attic and basement. The garage should be able to hold a car (or two). The benefit is twofold, you are more than half packed and less clutter looks like more square footage.

FRESHEN IT UP Air it out and clean, clean, clean. Now that you are down to the bare bones it is a good investment to hire a cleaning pro to spiffy things up. A new set of eyes can represent a buyer’s point of view. Again the benefit is twofold as your home will be fresh and clean and I bet you will find at least one long lost item that you gave up on years ago.

PERSEVERE Keep your eye on the prize. It can be a little uncomfortable to live in an immaculate Spartan model home but remember the goal. Don’t start bringing in more items or clutter. During the packing process you will have undoubtedly find that much of the contents of your home no longer serves your needs and a local charity should benefit by you useful donations. The clear out and clean up helps you focus your attention and priorities on the sale of your home and will help you in a faster and more profitable sale.

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