Simple Steps to Note If You Are Moving Overseas

Simple Steps to Note If You Are Moving Overseas

Moving to an entirely new location is always something that excites the mind and it becomes more pronounced if you are moving to another country entirely. This initial excitement may be reduced when you consider the fact that you may need to move all your belongings to this your new overseas destination so as to make it feel like home as much as you possibly can. This can properly be taken care of by freight liners/freight movers that will swiftly and safely ship all your items and belongings to your overseas destinations.

The shipping process is quite simple and the actual shipping remains the best way to move your items to an overseas destination but there are things you should do before all these.

Things You Should Do Before Processing Your Move Overseas

The first step you need to take is to ascertain the things your need to be shipped and those that will not follow you. This will help to determine the amount of space you will require. A 20′ container is generally appropriate for an average two bedroom house contents which may comprise a car and some other household items. 40′ container becomes idle for you if your belongings are bigger than explained above but also note that you can ask for much smaller containers if your belongings will not fill up a 20′ container.

If on evaluation, you discover that you have too many items to ship and few needs for most of them, you are advised to have a yard sell where you will auction off most of the items. Another consideration is the cost of acquiring certain items when you get to you new overseas home. If you know that you can get a newer item at a lower cost than the amount needed to ship it, it would be fair to dispose it and pick up new ones overseas.

The shipping companies have list of items that shouldn’t be packed and will provide you with this list before you start packing. Such items as birth certificates, financial documents, some expensive jewelries e.t.c should also not be packed for the shipment. It is advisable to take these with you while moving without leaving them behind in the packed boxes. Apart from these, ask the shipping company to give you comprehensive list of items that you shouldn’t pack. You can then start packing.

Don’t forget that you must contact the shipping company you plan to use at least 10 working days before your planned departure date. This will afford all the parties opportunity to conclude all shipping arrangements on time. You will be required to provide your overseas address as well as your USA address to the shipping company. Your social security number, foreign and local phone numbers e.t.c should also be made available.

There are wide varieties of payment options available to you. While some shipping companies will want you to complete the full payment before your items move, some may just need your deposit and signed guarantee of payment before loading your belongings in the container.

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