Quality, Stress-Free Moving Day Tips

Quality, Stress-Free Moving Day Tips

Once the moving season approaches, many folks begin to get nervous. They are going to face both physical and psychological stresses especially on the moving day. Once again, I will make your burden lighter by offering these 10 tips for an easy move.

1) Essentials First!

Pack up the stuffs you will have most need for on your first day at your new home into separate packages and label them accordingly. Soaps, towels, handkerchiefs, toothbrush, toothpaste etc should be easily accessible. You don’t have to go through the entire20 to 30 boxes before you find a simple toothbrush.

2) Lighter is Better!

Separate your stuffs you don’t need anymore and dispose of them accordingly to charities, friends or less privileged ones. This will make your burden lighter, especially if the moving company’s charges are weight based.

3) Little Boxes pay!

Bigger boxes take a toll on those doing the packing as they easily wear out, but if smaller boxes are used in the actual packing, they are portable and easy to handle effectively.

4) Secure Your Stuff!

Purchase strong and superior sealing tapes and tape guns as they will help seal up your boxes and keep your essentials safe from falling out.

5) Tag Boxes

Write down the contents of each box and place it on the boxes. These labels will definitely help you easily get what you are looking for without tumbling all boxes the whole day and burning your energy out.

6) Write Directions

On each label, provide directions to where each box will have to go when unpacking. It will be more difficult for you to position every box to its room yourself, but with the directions on each box, the packer freely knows to which room each box will be placed.

7) Get Proper Boxes

Try as much as possible to use boxes of equal sizes and shapes. Uneven boxes are difficult to stack up as they will be unstable when the moving truck is in motion.

8) Use Wardrobe Boxes

You do need to move your clothes without leaving them squeezed and untidy. To get this done, use wardrobe boxes and have the clothes hanging out in them. Shoes, bags, boots, wallets and other smaller stuffs can be left out in the bottom of the wardrobe boxes instead of carrying extra boxes.

9) Keep Figures Clean

If you have figures, secure them in a plastic nylon bag first before wrapping newspapers and wallpapers around the figures. This system will keep the figures safe and clean.

10) Keep Kitchen Utensils Clean

Place your pots, pans, plates, spoons, and cups in plastic nylon bags first before putting them in boxes. This idea will preserve the cleanliness of the utensils so you won’t have additional stress washing them again at the new home.

11) Better Unpacking

On arrival at your new home, make division of labor for easy unpacking. Let the guys handle the heavy furniture while the girls take care of the closets and setting up the kitchen for you.

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