International Removals – Best Left to the Experts

International Removals – Best Left to the Experts

International removals is one of those things best left to the experts. It’s with some hesitancy that I admit this as I’m very much a do-it-myself man. When it’s come to removals in the past I’ve simply brushed off the suggestions of the hiring someone else to do it, folded down the back seat of my car, hired a van and got on with it. The problem is, with international removals there’s so much to consider that a self-move becomes extremely daunting.

On a bare minimal level there’s the transportation. If you’re moving one-room’s worth of belongings, or a small flat across town then, sure, a transit van and a couple of mates is ideal. However, what happens when you’re driving that van on the other side of the road? With speed limits and highway regulations you don’t understand? A GPS helps but if you’re not sure which side has priority then things start to get a little daunting. That’s assuming you’re moving somewhere easily accessible – country wise. It’s all very well moving to northern France with a van loaded with your possessions but if you’re moving further then it’s time to get to the search engines.

Of course, this is looking at things when they’ve reached the box-packing stage. There’s a whole lot to consider before you’ve even started grabbing the brown parcel tape. While relocating to a country within the EU is relatively permit-free for us citizens of the United Kingdom, securing a property isn’t. Each country has its own different requirements and documentation needed and you’ll need to be fully aware of these.

If you’re moving outside of Europe different countries have a range of various requirements for granting permission to emigrate within their borders. Some are harder than others but you’re going to be putting many months aside to paper work and documentation from proving you’re of a good character to demonstrating your family has problem-free health and even assuring that you will commit your time and resources to the good of the country.

Not only that, but what time do, say, the banks operate in your chosen country? How easy is it to get a bank account and what do you do about health care and taxes? We, here in England, automatically have our PAYE taxes sorted out by our employers along with our National Insurance but not all countries have free health care.

Moving house is one of the most stressful times in life, mainly because of that long list of little things that need doing before and after the physical move itself. Add to that an increased distance, culture and language between destination and present location and it can look like a lot of your hair is going to end up in your hands.

The easiest way to avoid this and make sure all you have to focus on is brushing up on your language and the finer details, is not to try going it alone. Find an international removals company with plenty of experience. They’ll not only help you lift that wardrobe you inherited from your Great Uncle but will see you through the whole process and make sure your focused on starting your new life on a positive note rather than worn down by stress.

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