Childcare: 5 Top Tips On Discipline For Your Children

Childcare: 5 Top Tips On Discipline For Your Children

Some of us will be old enough to remember getting ‘the slipper’ if we were naughty as a child; well thank goodness that childcare and discipline has come a long way since then! Yes, that’s right, society has now evolved and learned that there is more to disciplining a naughty child than simply whacking it on the backside with an old slipper, so here are five top tips on learning how to discipline your child correctly.

Firstly, ensure that the child does not get punished for something that was either an honest mistake or not their fault. Other children may tell tales or make up stories about your child, so try to get to the truth before you worry about punishment.

Secondly, make sure that the punishment fits the crime. Do not simply have one punishment, (i.e. early bedtime) for everything the child does; for example, if the child throws its dinner on the floor, make it pick it up and clean it, and the rest of the family’s dishes while it’s at it!

Thirdly, make sure the child understands why it is being punished. If you do not explain why certain actions and behaviour are wrong, then you will see them repeated again and again.

Fourthly, do not hit your child. This encourages violent behaviour and will is not the right way for a child to begin its life, so no matter how angry or frustrated you are, keep your temper when disciplining.

Finally, if you need some help or advice on disciplining your children, then don’t be afraid to ask other mothers or get advice from professional sources.

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