7 Signs of a Bad Babysitter – Knowing When to Get Rid of Her!

7 Signs of a Bad Babysitter – Knowing When to Get Rid of Her!

This article is about bad babysitters and how to spot them. This isn’t a very pleasant subject, but, if you have a bad sitter, you want to know as soon as wellbeing of your child is at stake.

It isn’t always easy to tell if you have a bad sitter, because it is easy for a lazy or irresponsible one to put on a good front when talking to you. So you need to know the signs of a bad babysitter so you can find them out as soon as possible.

7 Signs Of A Bad Babysitter

1. Your sitter is not punctual. This is more important than you may think. Punctuality is a sign of being responsible. Sure, there are times when you cannot help being late because of traffic or what have you, but if your sitter is habitually late, she is irresponsible. And irresponsible sitters are not good sitters.

2. Your child is not happy when he or she knows the sitter is coming or when you talk about her. If your child looks fearful or reacts in fear over the sitter, you can be sure something is wrong. Babysitters should be lovable and loved by your child. If she is a good one, your child will be happy to see her once your child gets to know her.

3. Your child has become anxious or nervous since you started using your sitter. This is another bad sign; although there may be other reasons your child may be acting like this. If your child seems anxious or nervous, it is a signal that your sitter may be the reason.

4. Your sitter does not want to talk about what she and your child did while you were gone. Every parent wants to know how things went when they get detail. If your sitter seems to avoid telling you or is very vague about the babysitting session that can be a sign that she is not doing her job.

5. Your babysitter does not do the things you asked her to do while watching your child. Most parents leave a list of important thing to do for the sitter. If your sitter wants to do her own thing and ignores your things, that is bad. She is supposed to be working for you and supporting your efforts to raise your child.

6. Too many booboos (accidents). Accidents and booboos do happen, but they should be few and far between while being watched by a babysitter. After all, watching your child is her whole responsibility while you are away. And if she is doing her job and not chatting on her cell phone most of the time, then very few accidents will happen. Of course, accidents happen even when your child is with you, but they still should be very seldom when with a sitter.

7. Your child is dirty and your home is messy when you get home. This should seldom, if ever happen. Of course you do not hire a babysitter to clean your house, and messes can happen right before you get home. But, if she is conscientious, she will usually have both your child and your home looking as good as when you left when you get home.

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