5 Tips For Safe Babysitting

5 Tips For Safe Babysitting

When beginning a new job (or errand) as a babysitter, your number one priority is to keep the kids as safe and happy as possible. For those who need guidance on how to ensure the safety of children you’re babysitting, here are 5 great tips!

Keep your cellphone numbers updated, and have a list of information nearby at all times. This is crucial. Have the parents’ numbers in case anything goes wrong and ask the parents about what doctor to take the children to. It’s also mandatory to ask the parents and to know about any children’s allergies, special rules, or needs that the children may have.

Learn CPR, and get certified. Learning CPR may make the difference in the life or death of a child you’re babysitting in an emergency case. It’s a great idea to learn CPR and even take lifeguard lessons as well. That way, if you are babysitting at a pool you will know that you are able to save a child’s life if something goes awry. Many hospitals also offer a Safe Sitter course which will teach you the basics.

Practice household safety while you’re babysitting. This means making sure to lock the doors, refusing to open the door to knocking strangers, and also being careful with phone calls. There have actually been cases where practicing household safety has saved the lives of both children and the babysitter. Don’t buckle to pressure of a knocking door, and if things look like a home invasion might be possible, call 911 and get out while the police do their work. Many experienced babysitters also suggest not going outside with the children unless parents approve it beforehand.

Make sure, before you actually accept the job, that you can handle it. Getting a job offer can be exciting and you might need the money. However, if you cannot handle six toddlers, it’s better to turn down that high paying offer. After all, if you cannot keep track of a high number of children or if you don’t know how to deal with children that age you cannot actually be a safe babysitter; in that situation you are setting the kids and yourself up for a disaster. Babysitting safely means that you know what you can and cannot do and won’t lie to a parent about your abilities.

Watch over the children at all times. Don’t leave young children alone! You don’t want to be the babysitter that has to explain to the parents, “I only left them alone for a second…”

Safe babysitter is the babysitter parents look for and trust. Consider these five tips if you inspire to become one.

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