Choosing a Safe and Professional Babysitter for Your Kids

Choosing a Safe and Professional Babysitter for Your Kids

Finding a safe and qualified babysitter these days is challenging. Gone are the days when you could simply ask the teenager down the street to stop by and babysit for the evening. Even seemingly friendly, clean cut teens or adults may not be what they seem. In one case, a babysitter stole $65 from a child’s piggybank, stole a check made out for several thousand dollars, and took a diamond, ruby heart necklace. She then tried to tell police that the parents had given her the check for babysitting.

I am a grandmother of three children– twin girls who are four years old and a boy who is six. I fill in the gaps when dad has to work late or has to work on Saturdays. I can’t imagine how I’d feel about leaving them with anyone else, let alone a stranger. Times have changed so much and there are many troubling questions responsible parents must ask before they can entrust their child or children to another person. That is why more and more parents are going through a babysitter agency to find sitters. Sure, it may be a bit more expensive, but be aware of what a legitimate, quality agency is offering:

First, they are offering a sitter who has filled out an extensive application and one that they’ve personally interviewed. They’re looking for someone who loves being with children, someone who is professional, warm, friendly, fun, and active. Instead of gulping your food and watching TV while your kids rampage through the home, a really good babysitter engages the children, plays with them if they wish, and makes sure they’re not endangering themselves or others.

Second, a good agency has run the sitter through a nationwide background check for criminal history, including sexual offenses and credit fraud. The sitter must have driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, and a car in good condition. Besides these matters, they must be child/infant CPR and First Aid certified.

Your first reaction may be, “Let’s just hire a friend of a friend cheap and hope that everything goes okay.” But, really, how much are your children worth to you? How important is their welfare? How would you feel if they were completely ignored, endangered, or actually assaulted in some way? You’re right. Our children are everything to us, so we should be willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the babysitting experience is always a good and healthy one for the kids.

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