Babysitter Services – What Are the Things You Should Clarify With Your Sitter?

Babysitter Services – What Are the Things You Should Clarify With Your Sitter?

When you hire a babysitter it is important that you are clear with the individual about what you expect of him or her while they are caring for your child. Babysitter services can vary as much as the children that are being cared for. However, as long as you and your sitter are on the same page, you should have no problems.

Make sure you explain what you desire from your babysitter services before you hire him or her to care for your child. For example, if you do not want to come home from work with a sink full of dirty dishes, you should inform your sitter that there will be light housework required. Usually, a sitter will not complain about doing minor housework as long as he/she is not required to clean your house from top to bottom while you are gone.

If you would like your sitter to perform household tasks for you while you are at work, you should inform the sitter before you hire him or her. Make sure both of you are on the same page with the services. This will avoid you feeling distraught over things not getting done, and the sitter feeling more like a maid than a sitter. Honesty is very important in maintaining a successful working relationship with your sitter. This is on both parts.

Many parents have a chore list for their children. If your child has chores to do before he/she can watch television, play on the computer, use the phone, go outside or whatever, you need to inform your sitter of the chores and your rule. Most sitters will know to have your child finish chores and such before they can have free time. However, it is always a good idea to clarify this with your sitter.

Every home disciplines children differently. For example, you might take an activity or fun thing away from your child, your neighbor might put their child in a timeout chair or in the corner, and your sister might send her child to their bedroom. Make sure your sitter is aware of your methods for disciplining your child and follows those methods.

Clarifying everything you expect from your babysitter services is the key to having a long and happy relationship with your sitter. Also, it will help you and your sitter to come to an agreement on the hourly rate for his/her babysitter services. There is also no room for misunderstandings between you and the sitter.

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